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Art and Design

Summer 2: Design Technology

Shadow Puppets : To investigate how shadows are formed

We will begin this topic by looking at the science and how shadows are formed by light being blocked by an object. We will then design and make our own puppets, then test them using a light source.

We will investigate what happens when you put the shadow puppet closer to the light source and moving it away from the light source. We will finish by making our own Class 3 Puppet show.



Summer 1 : Design Technology

Marble Run Task:   To investigate how forces and the properties of materials affect the behaviour of a product .

We will begin with our design, then select the appropriate materials, make it, and then test it. 

Finally we will evaluate our design and make any necessary improvements.



Autumn 2 : ART


   Our Art for this half term will be based around our WW2 topic.


We will begin by sketching poppies for Remembrance, looking at shape and colour.

Following the text 'The Little Ships' we will design and make our own boats and experiment with watercolours to make our own Little Ships painting.

We will finish by mixing  fire colours to paint a background and adding black shapes to form building silhouettes representing The Blitz.

Please look out for our Art work displays in school or on twitter.


Remembrance Art Work

We used shape, light and dark.



The Little Ships 

We sketched our background and then used watercolours.



The Blitz Art Work

First we used masking tape to make the search lights.


Then we used red and yellow paint to mix fire colours.



Next we painted in layers across the page, starting with dark, then light colours.



These colours represent the night sky during the Blitz.



The following day we peeled off the masking tape to reveal the searchlight.



Lastly we added our buildings.



The Blitz!



Autumn 1 - Portraits, Hot and Cold, Skylines and Harvest Collage

As part of our work on Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers (see PSHE page), we will be creating self portraits in the style of Romero Britto.  We will be learning how to use our observational skills to draw what we see and try to be as accurate as possible.  We will also try drawing our partners, by honing the skills we learnt from drawing ourselves.  Children will then focus on their pencil technique and shading when we work on our skyline pieces.  They will also look carefully at how the skyline doesn't end in a straight line at the top of the page!  We will try to include our sky down to where it meets the buildings or trees.

At the start of term we also had a go a creating a picture using just 4 colours either more hot colours (red/orange/yellow/pink) or more cold colours (blue/green/purple).  The children had to draw ten lines across the page with a ruler, then colour in the shapes they made, making sure that no two shapes had the same colour next to each other.  What do you think?

For harvest, we are using the lyrics of the song "Look for signs that summer's gone" to inspire us to be creative with autumn leaves and other nature items that we find on our nature walk.  Have a look at the pictures below of the final piece, then as the picture took shape.  It was really fun to work as a class and add to other people's work.

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