“Hand in hand with God,we live love and learn together.”

“By God’s grace, we learn to loveand love to learn.”

Class Trips

York YHA Residential

What an amazing residential!  We really had a superb time in the city of York.  This was a history themed residential with the focus on Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, to link in with our cross-curricular theme for this half term and next.  We chose York for it's history and links to the time period that we are studying.  The YHA really was super and the itinerary that they created for us really covered everything that we wanted to learn about.  We went to the Yorkshire Museum to learn about Anglo-Saxons and life as it would be then.  We tried our hand at weaving, braiding, illustrating letters in their style, juggling, grinding wheat and playing games that they would have played.  We also helped to solve a mystery of who had stolen the bread.  In the evening we then designed and painted our own Viking shields in a YHA workshop.


On day two, we went to the Jorvik Museum and DIG Jorvik to learn more about the Vikings.  We had a brilliant time finding out about their lives and experienced first hand the sights and smells of a Viking village.  We learnt about Anglo-Saxon and Viking medicine and the unusual cures - how about eating a spider and raisin, wrapped in a leaf or a spider's web to cure a headache?  We didn't fancy it either!  Then we learnt how to be archaeologists and took part in our own dig to find out more, before investigating bones and artefacts as a group.  In the evening, in another YHA workshop, we tried our hand at cooking and made our own Viking sweet bread that was a tasty snack the next day.


Finally, on day three we took part in two YHA workshops.  We made Viking longships as a group and 'set sail' to test them out.  We also unscrambled a Viking legend to create the full story of Thor's stolen hammer and how Loki helped him trick Thrym and steal it back.  It was very dramatic!


It really was a great residential.  We received a lovely email afterwards!  "(We)...had a great time working with the kids - please thank them for being so well behaved and engaged throughout the trip, they were a pleasure to work with!"  So well done Class 3 - you are a credit to the school!

Chester Zoo

What a fantastic day!  Today we went to Chester Zoo as part of our theme about Rainforests.  We took part in a rainforest workshop, to learn more about the different plants and creatures that live and grow in the rainforests.  We found out how important the plants are that grow there, providing us with hot drinks such as coffee and cocoa, plants that we can make tyres and rubbers out of, as well as ones that are used in medicine.  We also learnt about classification, life cycles and matching animals to descriptions.  On our trip round the zoo, we were transported to different rainforests around the world such as Borneo and the Amazon.  Animals that we saw were:- black faced spider monkeys, mandrills, macaques, butterflies, tortoises, hornbills, myna birds, fruit doves, tree frogs, aye-ayes, macaws, jaguars, sloths, orangutans, gibbons, various snakes and elephants.  As always, Class 3 had a great time and were a credit to the school.

Anderton Boat Lift

Class 3 had an amazing time at the Anderton Boat Lift today.  We took part in a Rivers Workshop, finding out about what a river is, the parts of a river, local rivers and making our own rivers using a special experiment.  We also explored the grounds with the Inspector's Trail, looking at the different parts of the Boat Lift, the grounds, the river and the exhibition.  We each completed a fieldwork square to record things that we saw, heard, smelt, including using compass points to record what we could see to the north, south, east and west of where we were standing.  We now know about weirs, the Boat Lift, estuaries, the source of the river and lots more!

Sketchings of Anderton Boat Lift

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