“Hand in hand with God,we live love and learn together.”

“By God’s grace, we learn to loveand love to learn.”


HI all, this is called " A Happy Visualisation " . This is a drawing actvivity where children (you) think about their happy place. It could be a real place, sittiing on the beach, or it could be a place of complete imagination. It could be a unicorn land or being in the clouds with all the rainbows and sunshine, it doesn't matter. It is about learning to visualise a perfect happy place where you can escape to. Hey parents why not give it a go yourselves?? Stay Safe Mrs Perkes.

This is a lovely self-esteem activity, the children create an envelope and then they write or draw 'reasons why i love me' and then pop these into the envelope. Then when a child is feeling a little low they open the envelope, look at these reasons and it will help to remind them just how very special they are.

Here is a lovely craft activity, a heart box template for colouring. Colour this in lovely bright colours, cut it out, then fold together to make the box. You could even write a lovely positive messae inside.

Colour the sunshine. Cut around the edge. Cut along the faint line and stop at the inner circle. Bend every other ray of sunshine very carefully to give a 3D effect. Use positive yellow, orange and red shades and hang around your home !

Perfect activity for homeschooling, you can talk about the positive quote and what it means, enjoy colouring it in, then make your paper chains and put them up in your window

Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping safe and well. Kindness is so important and an invaluable skill for your child to learn, especially in times such as this. This activity is called "The Starfish story". This activity is a powerful story to help children understand how a small act of kindness can make a huge difference. Included in this document is the story, a chart and a colouring sheet. Read the story, then each time you do something kind or helpful for someone, no matter how big or small, draw a starfish on the chart. Decide between yourselves what the reward could be when you have filled the sheet. Enjoy!

HI there, I thought this sounded like a really fun activity to do. It is called "14 day ELSA support photo challenge". Each day you are prompted to take a photo, this will help to promote a positive attitude and also gives a purpose or focus for the day. Your photos can be taken in your home, garden or even whilst doing your 30 minute exercise for the day. You could print your photos and share them with me when we are back in school! I look forward to seeing what you have done and how creative your photos are. Enjoy!

Our children are missing their friends right now due to the coronavirus situation. So I found this activity called "Friends little book" and thought it would be lovely to share it with you. Children colour in the front page, then inside draw one of their friends and write their name. Next, think about what they like doing with that friend, draw a picture followed by a sentence or two. On the last page, they need to consider what makes them such a good friend. You could write a list of qualities the friend has, you could prompt with some of these qualities , kind, caring, good listener, fun and helpful. Maybe post one to their friend to show them how much they are missing them.

Children may be feeling lots of different worries at the moment, due to situation we are in. This activity is called "Design a worry monster". This is a great opportunity to talk about any worries they may have. Children design a worry monster and then tell their worries to it. They can also make a list of worries they are having. This promotes a positive attitude to talking and shows that it is good to talk and not bottle things up. Hey, maybe Mum, Dad, Brother or sister could also do the activity to show the children that we all have worries from time to time. Hope you find this activity helpful, keep safe and well everybody.

This is a great game to get the whole family involved ! All you need is 2 dice. Throw the first dice and this number is your horizontal row, throw the next one and this is your vertical row where the 2 dice meet is the question that you answer. Enjoy yourselves guys!

This is a mood tracker mandala.Give each emotion a colour and then fill in the mandala daily on how your feeling. REMEMBER it's okay to feel sad, worried or scared sometimes, don't be afraid to talk to someone, Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister. You can also email me on purple mash and I will do my best to help. Stay positive everyone!

Hi Guys, I hope you are all well and staying safe. Rainbows are everywhere at the moment, and I don't know about you but they make me smile when I'm doing my 30 minute walk! This is a lovely activity, 5 a day for well being. You can colour the large rainbow and display it in your window. Colour the small ones when you feel in the mood. Enjoy!

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