“Hand in hand with God,we live love and learn together.”

“By God’s grace, we learn to loveand love to learn.”


Spring 1

The Lion Inside


This half term we are going to reading and doing work based on the text 'The Lion Inside' by Rachel Bright. The children will be describing settings and characters, writing from the perspective of the characters in the story and completing a non-chronological report about a lion. 

On Tuesday 21st January we will be visiting Chester Zoo where we get chance to find out information about lions to support us in our writing. 

Autumn 1

Naughty Bus


This half term we are going to be reading and doing work based on the text 'The Naughty Bus' by Jan and Jerry Oke. The children will be using Talk 4 Writing to learn the text off by heart. They will then use this to help them to create their own 'Naughty Bus' adventure stories.

On Thursday 3rd October the Naughty Bus will be coming to visit Antrobus St Marks School for the morning which we are really excited about!



Author of the Term


Our Author for Autumn Term is Claire Freedman. She is a very popular children's author and the children love her stories. We will be reading this at the end of the school day and using them within our Guided Reading Sessions. 




Throughout the year the children will be given opportunities to write a range of different text types. These will be most be taught through the use of high quality texts that the children have been studying. An important focus in writing in Class 2 is handwriting and ensuring that the form and orientation of their letters is correct. The children will have discreet handwriting lessons and this will also be focused within Phonics and English sessions.
Another important focus is the correct use of punctuation; capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, question marks and exclamation marks. The children will also be taught how to use these correctly in their writing but we'd like parents to encourage children to use these when writing at home. 



The lists below are words that you children will be learning to spell throughout their time in Class 2. These lists are a mixture of words that we encourage children to use in their writing and words that can often be misspelled. The words run alongside other spelling objectives that we cover as part of our spelling lessons.


We would be grateful if you could support your child at home in discussing, learning to read and spell the words from the lists relevant to their year group. Please read the 'Helping Your Child with Spellings' document for advice on different strategies that can be used. 



Spelling Homework

Each child will be given a list of spellings on a Friday. These words are generated from sounds the children have been learning in Phonics, are words they are expected to know within their current year group as well as words they have been struggling to spell in class. Children are asked to learn these spellings at home and to write a sentence for each of the words they are given. Spelling test will take place on a Friday.

Please make sure spelling books are back in school for a Friday so we can stick in the new list for the following week. 


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