“Hand in hand with God,we live love and learn together.”

“By God’s grace, we learn to loveand love to learn.”



Weeks 1 and 2 (23/3-3/4)

Below are 5 activities you can choose from. 

These are all based on things we have been doing in school.

Choose one of the activities every other day- take your time, edit and improve your work and complete a final draft. 

Weeks 3-6 (20/4-15/5)

Below are separate activity booklets for years 1 and 2. There are 10 activities in the first booklet and 8 in the second. Try to do one activity per day. 

Common Exception Words

Below is a copy of the common exception words that the children are expected to read and spell correctly in Key Stage 1. These are words that are spelt in an unusual way. The children must learn these rather than relying on their phonics to write them.

During your reading session you can read books from home and books from Big Cat Reading. You have received your log in for this. You can read alone but try and make sure you are also reading to a family member as often as you can. Each week, we will also be adding reading comprehension tasks for you to complete (the answers are also included, so don't peek smiley). 

The reading comprehension questions are differentiated based on your child's ability. 

Working towards- 1 star

Working at- 2 stars

Working above- 3 stars

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