“Hand in hand with God,we live love and learn together.”

“By God’s grace, we learn to loveand love to learn.”

Home based learning

In this folder you will find home learning activities designed to reinforce and support what we have been learning in school. Please try to access the activities and complete them - I have provided links to sites to help,

If you have any issues, please contact admin via email, who will then forward to me.

Mrs Phoenix

Oxford Owl Reading Resources


Mrs Corradine has organised a free trial with Oxford Owl reading resources. This is a fantastic site with a range of engaging and exciting reading resources for all ages. Follow the link below, click on the My Class Login button and use the following details to explore these resources. Happy reading!


My class name - mrsfinney

My class password - 2020

I will continue to add work for each week which I will date.

Should you need extra work please see some of these websites.

They all have an abundance of suitable tasks and due to the Corona virus they are all currently free.

Year 3 and 4 support with spellings

Easter holiday homework/fun activities. 6th April- 17th April

English Tasks. 20th April - 1st May. Please focus on your handwriting and your spellings. Some tasks will take more than one day.

English - Week 1 and 2. 23rd March - 3rd April

In our English lessons over the next two weeks, we shall be writing newspaper reports about the Class 3 and 4 residential to Condover in Shropshire. 

I have uploaded into this folder examples of what good newspapers look like. Please read these and then try to plan your own newspaper report using the planning template which i have also uploaded. You can then use your plan to help you to write your report. I will also upload other materials to help. 

Mrs Phoenix

Newspaper report examples

Maths tasks 20th April - 1st May. (After Easter holidays)

Interactive Bar

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