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Summer Term topic = Anglo Saxons 

In Summer One we shall be learning all about the Anglo Saxons.

If you have some time why not see what you can find out about them...


Where did they come from? How did they influence Britain? What was their everyday lives like? What religious beliefs did they have? 


Here are some useful websites...

Anglo Saxon Websites (

Anglo-Saxons: facts for kids | National Geographic Kids (

Anglo Saxons For Kids | Anglo Saxon History | DK Find Out

Anglo Saxon for kids - History at Super Brainy Beans


Roman Battle Formations...

Some of our work on the Romans..

Our theme this term is 'The Romans in Britain'. We will be learning about the rise of the Roman Empire and the impact of the invasion and settlement in Britain. This will provide us with a range of exciting cross curricular opportunities to enrich our learning, particularly through art and design. Keep checking back to see what our Roman soldiers have been doing!



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