“Hand in hand with God,we live love and learn together.”

“By God’s grace, we learn to loveand love to learn.”


Spring Term


Our topic is driven by Science this term as we learn all about amazing animals. In Humanities, we will be focusing on developing our geography skills. We will learn about the geography of the UK, Europe and the Americas.

During this unit, we will learn the names of countries, capital cities and continents. We will explore the UK in detail, developing our understanding of the differences between counties and cities and using maps and atlases to locate different places. 

Autumn Term  - From Stone Age to Iron Age


This term we will be learning all about the Stone Age in Britain, discovering the challenges of life for early humans and looking closely at a range of sources to teach us more about life in the past. Our project homework task produced some excellent, creative responses - look at our Stone Age projects below!

Stone Age Project Homework

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