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Key objectives to cover in Reception

Early Learning goals and Exceeding criterion for the EYFS curriculum

Above you will find two very important documents. These contain all of the learning goals for the 17 areas of the curriculum that children are assessed against at the end of Reception. I have evidence for Spring Term but Summer Term will be down to home learning.

The government are not expecting teachers to reports against the early learning goals this year due to the corona crisis but if school was still open these are the end goals we would be working towards.

It is important to note that children who meet all of these learning goals are where the government 'expect' them to be for entry into Year 1.

I do not want you to panic and try to teach for hours each day as that it not what happens at school but read through these documents and use your knowledge of your children to find their weaker areas that you can focus on. As well as this the exceeding criteria are on these documents as a number of children were being challenged to meet above the expected standard so you can challenge them at home if you think your child is able. I will happily provide support via email to anyone who would like it.

With the uncertainty of when we will return to school it may be that we do not see a summer term in school at all meaning Reception children will return to school at Year 1 pupils. With this in mind, if you can do little and often at school you are setting them up to enter Year 1 in the best position possible. Try not to let them lose the phonics, number and skills they have already learnt. Refresh and recap as and when you can.

I will be uploading more documents weekly so keep your eyes out.

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