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Olympic Games

The Olympic Games

This half term our theme would have been all about Japan and the Olympic Games, as we looked forward to the start of the 2020 Olympic Games.  Due to the pandemic, the Olympic Games have been postponed to ensure the safety of all and to help stop the spread of the virus.


We would have been finding out more about what the Olympic Games are, when they started, the history of them and then the countries that would have been taking part.  In particular, we would have focussed on the country of Japan, host of the 2020 Olympics.  Japan is a country that is very different from us in it's weather, culture and religion.  We do hope to do this when we are all safely back in school.


For the next two weeks, I would like you to choose a country that would have been taking part in the Olympic Games to find out more about.  You could research which countries are going to go to the Olympics and from there pick one which is very different from our own.  You will need to find out about where the country is, which continent it is in, the weather and climate, culture, traditional customs, main religions and how diverse it is.


Then, for the second week, choose a sports person from that country who has represented their country at the Olympics.  This can be someone from now or in the past.  I have written a number of suggestions below to give you a hand if you need this.  Some of these olympians have continued in the sport as coaches or trainers.


You could present your work as a written piece, poster, power point or information leaflet! Good luck!


  • Jamaica - Usain Bolt or Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (sprint)
  • Ethiopia - Gabrielle Selassie or Derartu Tulu (long distance and marathon)
  • Kenya - David Rudisha (middle distance runner)
  • China - Deng Yaping (table tennis)
  • China - Chen Long (badminton)
  • New Zealand - Lydia Ko (golf)
  • South Korea - Song Dae-Nam (judo)

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