“Hand in hand with God,we live love and learn together.”

“By God’s grace, we learn to loveand love to learn.”


Summer 1


We are going to be taking part in Forest Schools with Mrs Bedford on a Tuesday afternoon. A consent form and kit list has been sent out to you all. 

We will also be taking part in Team Games with our PE coach on a Friday afternoon. 

Spring Term - Invasion Games


Within this unit of work we are going to be learning to;

  • travel forwards, backwards and sideways;
  • change direction while travelling;
  • travel with a ball using their feet and hands;
  • change direction while travelling with a ball;
  • use their feet to pass a ball to another player;
  • use their hands to pass a ball to another player;
  • pass a ball accurately to another player;
  • pass a ball quickly to another player while in a game situation;
  • travel with and pass a ball to another player to score points in a game.

Throwing and Catching


This half term we are going to be focusing on Throwing and Catching. We will be learning to

  • catch from a variety of heights and distance
  • recognise space during games
  • show awareness of others during games
  • throw using an under arm motion
  • improve catching with both hands
  • use quick fielding techniques to recover balls and beanbags.



On a Friday we have a PE coach where we will be having gymnastics including floor work and apparatus.

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