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Phase 4 phonics

Phase 4 signal the end of Reception year expectation for phonics.

No new sounds are taught in phase 4 but polysyllabic words and longer words are introduced alongside new tricky words.

The aim of phase 4 is to consolidate all previous learning and to bring on reading and writing. Children will be able to write and read much bigger words in phase 1 and phase 2 and 3 phonics are all tested in this process. 

Please do not skip this step and move onto phase 5. Phase 5 is Year 1 work and I would not encourage you to look at it except to explain how some words have different spellings that they may come across in Class 2 then give an example. Do not teach phase 5 as a stand alone.

Many miss out phase 4 thinking it not important but it is a crucial element of literacy development.

Below are some documents and website links as well as information about the Year 1 phonics screening check that the children sit in Year 1. 

By the end of Reception you would expect a child to score 20/25 out of 40 on a practise test. The other sounds they will not have been taught yet and will be covered in class 2.

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