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Phonics & Literacy

Dough Disco is something your children will be familiar with. It is a fantastic and fun way to practise fine and gross motor movements which develop pencil grip and ability to concentrate and sit correctly at a table at a later time. This is brilliant for both NURSERY and RECEPTION. 

Please have a go and maybe even come up with your own dough discos at home. Make sure you email and tweet me so that I can see what you are up to. 

The Letter Sounds Song

Before you play any phonic based game at home encourage your child to watch and sing along to this video.

Tricky words to know by the end of Reception Phase 2,3 and 4 and the phase 3 sounds to be secure with by the end of Reception

Above you will see tricky words and a phase 3 sound mat.

All of the tricky words on the page are those Reception children are expected to be able to read and write by the end of Reception. We work on them every morning at the beginning of out phonics lessons. If you can select a list and write them down or make a powerpoint with a word on each slide. Ask your child to read them out as you show them. Then focus on writing 3 or 4 each session choosing 1 unknown as the word of the week to focus on. This is what the children are used to doing in school and a lot of the tricky words they should already know. Phase 4 are the list the majority of children were working on when school closed.


The sounds are the phase 3 sounds we were covering as school closed. Some children had almost completed all of the sounds but others were only a third of the way through. Your child needs to try and be secure with reading and writing words with all of those sounds in.


If this all seems a little daunting do not worry or panic, provisions will be put in place for when we are finally back at school to recap and cover sounds.


Let me know if you need help with anything.

Cursive handwriting sheets that we use at school to practise with at home.

ear Words | Phase 3 Phonics | Trigraph

Little learners on youtube have all of the phase 3 sounds in a short video form for you to use a tool to help support phonic teaching at home.

Reception Level Spelling, Phonic and Writing activities published by the Literacy Company

Home learning pack full of activities to cover all aspects of the EYFS curriculum

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