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Postcards from around the world

During Spring Term Class 1 are learning all about the world. We have been receiving postcards from friends, family and people we have never met who live in different places around the world. We have been learning a little bit about each place that we receive a  post card from. We can identify places on a map and talk about some key features of that county.

Recently we received a post card from Singapore from another school where an old school friend of Miss Perry's now teaches. She teaches a nursery class and the children would like to ask each other questions and find out about what school is like in Singapore and what their country is like.

We will be adding short videos of what the children would like to ask our friends in Singapore and when we receive the answers we will keep you updated.


To our friends at Dover Court International School Singapore

Dear Dominique 

Thank you for your email.

We would like to respond by saying that no we do not have a swimming pool at our school as it is not as hot here in England as it is in Singapore where you live.

Some of us would like to ask you some questions if that is ok. We have recorded them below so you can share them with your class.

Our Questions....

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