“Hand in hand with God,we live love and learn together.”

“By God’s grace, we learn to loveand love to learn.”


Autumn 2 Think Positive!

Our mental health and wellbeing is a top priority and never more so than in our current climate.  We are working on understanding how important it is to look after our mental health and wellbeing, equipping ourselves with various tools and strategies to deal with whatever happens in our lives.  The class will be following a series of lessons this half term about thinking positively and how this can improve our outlook on life.  We will be starting with what happiness is, discussing our thoughts and feelings with a range of emotions, changes in our everyday lives that may affect us and how to keep calm and relax.  We will then move on to how the choices we make can affect our mental health and well being, as well as recognising the positive and negative habits that we may have.


Why not go to the ELSA page where Mrs Perkes has added activities that can help support you?

Anti-bullying Week, beginning Monday 16th November

In Class 3 we wore odd socks to show that we are all unique.



Following a class discussion, we recorded our ideas on how to stop bullying.


Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers

Notes For Living on Planet Earth


This heartfelt and provoking book is dedicated to the author, Oliver Jeffer's, son. It was inspired by Oliver's desire to make sense of the world for his son, but it is also a gift to all children at his time, helping them to make sense of their world and their role in it. The words and pictures work together to help children to understand their place in the world and to move forward together in a positive and constructive way.


This is a literacy based unit and aims to support reading and writing activities in school.

The activities will explore the key themes of:

  • Earth's place in the wider universe
  • The Earth's environment
  • Our place  on the planet as humans
  • How we, as humans, relate to each other
  • Other species and our responsibility towards them
  • Belonging and community
  • Our responsibility as world citizens



Planned literacy experiences around these themes will support children to raise questions, express concerns, build resilience, reconnect with each other as a community, and contemplate the ways in which their outlook has changed during this period.


Our posters and leaflets about caring for the earth


Fantastic You!

Fantastic You! is a fun and engaging way to teach children the importance of valuing their own attributes and those of people around them. This is part of our Literacy topic Amazing Authors, Roald Dahl, focussing on the text Fantastic Mr Fox. There are a variety of activities to suit all learning styles, covering a range of PSHE learning objectives. Through the eyes of the story's characters, which convey determination and friendship, children can learn to appreciate individuality and teamwork. 



Fantastic You! will cover the themes:

  • I'm Fantastic 
  • Fantastic Friends
  • Fantastic Family


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