“Hand in hand with God,we live love and learn together.”

“By God’s grace, we learn to loveand love to learn.”


2021 summer 1a discipleship

Lesson 1 friendship


Question: why did the first disciples change their lives when they met Jesus?


Today we had circle time: We threw a ball to a friend and call out ‘you are my friend because….

After we then choose a short activity to do with a friend e.g construction, table top game.

As a class we came back together in the circle and said what we did and why/why not they enjoyed the activity they completed together.



We found out that Jesus made some special friends who copied and trusted Jesus when he was alive, they were called disciples. 


Lesson 2

We played trust games to introduce the idea of following and trusting someone eg Simon says; blindfold games or follow my leader.

We shared ideas from these games which is to copy or trust someone.



We looked and shared ideas from the picture. Do you know what is happening in the picture? 

Question: why is important that we trust our friends or family?

When shouldn’t we trust them?

We listened to the story of the call of the first disciples  Mark 1:14-20; 2:13-17

And found out that they became Jesus’ special friends.

They left their homes and families behind, followed him and went from town to town.

Others joined them and they all became his first followers. They told people good news).  


Lesson 3

Today we worked in small groups and role play and recall the story using puppets and play people together.

The children watched the film clip again and as a whole group we talked about the story then, the children followed the mimes of Mrs Gould in role as a fisherman.





We found out that, in Jesus’ time people became his special friends and they were called his ‘disciples’. 

Class 1 learnt about Advent then independently collected resources and made this beautiful Advent wreath

Class 1 talked about how they can think before they act

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