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Summer 1 - St George's Day, Castles, Knights and Dragons

Summer 1, Week  1, beginning 20.4.20                                                                                    

April 23rd is Saint George's Day.

For our topic work this week please look at the power points and find out who Saint George was, the customs and the story of Saint George and the Dragon. There are some follow-up activities for you to choose 2 or 3 to do at home.

Summer 1, Week 2, beginning 27.4.20

Please have a go at 2/3  of the introductory activities on castles.


Parts of a Castle

Can you find the answers to these questions about castles?

1. What are castles?

2. Why were castles built?

3. Where were castles built and why?

4. What is the biggest castle in England?


If you need help go to : - Castles


Make a sketch of a castle and colour it.


*If you would like your picture put on the class page, please email a photograph of your picture.


Castles and Knights Colouring Sheet

Summer 1, Week 3, beginning 4.5.20

Please have a go at 2/3 of the following activities about Motte and Bailey Castles.


Motte and Bailey Castles

Motte and Bailey Activities

Have a go at making your own 3D Motte and Bailey Castle.


Summer 1, Week 4, beginning 11.5.20




This week find out about Knights and their armour

Choose 2/3 of the activities to do at home.

Summer 1, Week 5, beginning 15.5.20

This week choose 2/3 of the dragon activities to do at home

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