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Use the links below to find out information about the Vikings and use the knowledge that you gained in York!  What can you learn about the Vikings, their life and where they settled?


  1. When did the Vikings come to Britain?  Were they here at the same time as the Anglo-Saxons?
  2. Where did they first settle?
  3. How did they arrive and where did they come from?
  4. What does 'pillage' and 'raid' mean and how did the Vikings use these two methods?
  5. Which city did they capture in AD 866?  What was it's name in Anglo -Saxon and Viking times?
  6. Can you name some of the Viking rulers and give key facts about them?
  7. What do we know about Viking life and culture?
  8. Make a timeline for the Vikings in Britain.  What happened next?


You could make a poster, a powerpoint or record this in your green book.  Don't forget you can email any work you do or photos of what you make to and they will forward it to me to have a look at!  Have fun!

Design and make your own Viking Shield

Think about the Viking shields that we saw in Yorvik and the ones we made at the YHA.  What sort of designs did they have?  What colours did they use?  Draw a circle and design your own shield - will it have a dragon on it or a pattern?  Then try making your shield using cardboard and paints.

Design and make your own Viking Longship

Use the clips below to have a look at the longships that the Vikings sailed to Britain in.  Why not have a go at making your own?  There are plenty of images of these available and remember the ones we made in York!  (Don't worry - it doesn't need to be as big as this!)

Make your own Viking Bread!

Click on the recipe below to find the ingredients and recipe for making your own Viking Bread.  It is similar to the one we made in York so it should be really yummy!  I am planning on having a go at this too!  (This requires adult supervision and remember to stay safe!)

Make your own Viking Bread


Use the links below (at the bottom of this page) to find out information about the Anglo-Saxons, what their life was like and where they settled.  Can you find out the following pieces of information?


1. What years were the Anglo-Saxons in Britain?

2. Where did the Anglo-Saxons settle in Britain?

3. What would an Anglo-Saxon settlement look like?

4. Who ruled Anglo-Saxon Britain during this time?  What were they like?

5. Who was Alfred the Great?

6. Can you make a timeline of Britain showing the rulers?

7. What do we know about Anglo-Saxon life and culture?  What did they wear and what did they eat?

8. Can you find out about Anglo-Saxon runes?  (Could you write your name in runes?)


You could make a poster, a powerpoint or record it in your green book.  Have fun!

Design your own Anglo-Saxon Jewellery

Use the worksheet below to find out about the jewellery that the Anglo-Saxons wore and then try designing (and making!) your own.

Paper Loom Weaving

When we were in York, at the Yorkshire Museum, we tried our hand at weaving with a loom and some wool.  Use the worksheet provided below, to make your own paper loom and create your own paper weaving.  It might be a little tricky at first but it looks great when you finish it!  If you manage one why don't you send a picture to the office email address so we can have a look at how you got on!

Paper Loom Weaving

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