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New library unveiled at Great Budworth Primary School

See what the Northwich Guardian had to say about our new library...


A Northwich primary school has opened up a new chapter in its history by creating a new purpose-built library.


The construction of the library at Great Budworth Primary represents the latest in a series of innovative and imaginative building projects that have taken place since the school opened in 1857. With the original vaulted ceiling providing the perfect space to construct a mezzanine floor, it is now home to the stunning new library. It's creation was driven by the determination and passion for the school of the former Chair of Governors, Mrs Hilary Brudenell. Sadly, Mrs Brudenell passed away as the builders were nearing completion and she didn’t get to see the project finished, but the school will honour her by naming the library after her as soon as the postponed official opening ceremony is able to take place.


Sandra Finney, Head Teacher at Great Budworth is thrilled with the new library, she said: "So much hard work has gone into this project and to see it come to fruition, and the brilliant resource we now have, really does make all the effort worthwhile. "We have had incredible support from the Chester Diocese who funded the building works, our PTA who have raised funds to furnish the library and the many people who have generously donated books. "At a time when many schools are having to close their libraries we are so proud to be able to open our new one."


Every class enjoys dedicated time in the library each week and the pupils are delighted by the new space.


Here is what some of the pupils had to say:

"The library is brilliant, there are so many books I want to read."

"There are books for everyone and my favourites are the ones about footballers."

"It’s so good having somewhere to go if you want to be quiet for a while."

"It’s a magic place."

"My motto is eat, sleep, read, repeat."


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